When Pigs Fly!

by Grill Sergeant Jeff
(Hutersville, NC)

I decided to try to smoke on my standard 3 burner grill (nothing special - just a big box brand). I have been grilling buffalo style wings for years and figured the basics here should apply to poultry as well as pork.

I opted not to chop the wings, but folded them instead...I just wanted a little more thermal mass to smoke. I also applied dry rub (my own) for additional flavor.

I was able able to maintain fairly steady 225 250 temps using (as indicated on an oven thermometer) using one burner on the left side. I added a smoke bomb (using soaked apple wood chips)and had two bombs in reserve. Once I had wisps of smoke, I quickly added my wings on the non-heated grates, closed the lid and ensured the temp got back to the 225 - 250 range.

After about 45 minutes the first bomb had met it's demise, I replaced the smoke bomb with a second and turned the wings. Again, I got the grill closed as quickly as possible.

The second bomb did it's thing for about the same 45 minutes. I let the wings say cooking until the 2 hour mark (total time). Then I poked 'em with a digital thermometer and got a nice 160-170 degree reading.

I finished some of the wings with Texas Pete's wing sauce mixed with garlic powder and moved them to the upper rack directly above the heat for about 10 additional minutes(if you mix these ingredients and let them sit for 10-15 minutes you get a nice paste that stays on the wings). The direct heat removes some of the moisture from the sauce and makes for a less sloppy wing.

I served these to my tribe of neanderthals and the feedback was: a) the smoke flavor was potent and delicious; b) the wings were very tender and had retained their moisture; c) both the dry and sauced wings were great - preference was mostly along very strong opinions of dry rub or sauce (in my family this battle will rage on through the ages).

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